Childrens Zone

6th Class
In a world where you can be kind. A thought for Friendship Week in Rathbeggan N.S. 


Flying Machines

This year 6th class made flying machines! Some worked and some didn’t but everyone enjoyed making them! Each and everyone was so unique and different in there own special way!! Some of the students were kind enough to bring in materials to help us with our flying machines. Overall the machines took at least 2-3 days, but it was worth it.


How we made them:

Ms.Reilly gave us a few materials and we brought in our own.

We had:

~crepe paper

~lollipop sticks










How we tested them


We did a competition to see who had the best design, flight and a mini stunt show. We all had great fun making them and hope you liked our review!!! 


Maths Week

This is a report about Maths Week in Rathbeggan NS and we are going to tell you what we did during Maths Week.



During Maths Week we played a game/activity called Countdown. Countdown is a game where you are given 6 numbers to make a larger number. The equation is usually tricky and you only have 1 minute to do it. In conclusion, Countdown is a fun but tricky game that we did during Maths Week.


The hexagon challenge is a one of the most difficult challenges I’ve ever done. It is where you have to put 19 numbers in a series of hexagons. All of the diagonal rows must add up to 38. It was fun but challenging and there were only 2 people that got the answer in the end. 

Making Volcanoes in Rang a 6

As part of our work on procedural writing, we learned how to make volcanoes. We carried out the eruptions today. Have a look at the video below to see how we got on.