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Car Parking, Drop-offs and Pick-ups

Our designated school bus and disabled parking zone must be left free for those who have been allocated these spaces. You may still drive into the school car park after 2:55 p.m. when the bus has departed.

For those collecting at 2pm there will be limited parking but we ask that these spaces be left free for those parents with babies and young children, especially on wet days.

Click here for a video of our Drop Off System 

Please read with your children to refresh your memory.

  • The school car park in the mornings is a Drop-Off Zone ONLY. We do have a yellow box area which is reserved for our school bus and for wheel chair accessibility so please leave clear.

  • If you need to accompany your child to the school or if they need extra time getting out of the car, please park in the County Club and cross the road with the help of the traffic warden

  • The school car park is a one–way system.

  • Please do not let your children out of the car halfway through the car park.  

  • When you reach the exit gate, one of the yellow jackets will be there to help your children exit the car.  There should be no need for the driver to get out of the car.

  • Please ensure that the children have their coats on and their bags ready before you arrive at the school.

  • Children should, where possible, exit the car on the left hand side, to avoid anyone walking behind/around a car.

  • When exiting the school car park PLEASE TURN LEFT, there is NO RIGHT TURN this is a road traffic rule, not a school rule.

  • When parking in the County Club car park at 2pm and 3pm the children are not allowed run freely and must stay at your side at all times. 

  • Please do not stop inside the County Club gate and allow a child to get into your car. It causes a backlog of cars who are left waiting on the main road which is dangerous. We are indebted to the County Club for allowing us to use their car park and we MUST adhere to these rules.

Please share this information with whoever is responsible for dropping your children to school in the morning and collecting after school – grandparents, minders, car poolers etc.

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