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6th Class Hoodies

It's that time of year again. The 6th class children are preparing to spread their wings and transition to a new chapter, in post primary school. To mark this special occasion we usually present the children with Rathbeggan hoodies, sponsored by the PA.

This year Mr Fitzpatrick, Robyn's Daddy, is kindly sponsoring our personalised hoodies for the class of 2020. As you can imagine there is a considerable amount of work in personalising and printing the hoodies, therefore we need to get to work!

We are asking the 6th class children to do the following by Friday May 8th please.

Stage 1:

  1. Use a black pen and sign your FIRST NAME on a sheet of paper (It should be about the length of your index finger)

  2. Take a picture of the signature

  3. Then decide on what size hoodie you would like to order


Age     Chest size

9/11     32" 

12/13   34" 

14/15   36"

Stage 2:

  1. Then send an email to

  2. Put your initials in the subject line

  3. Attach the picture of your signature to the email

  4. State what size hoodie you would like to order

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