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Christmas Raffle

Today the boys and girls had a fantastic day and were on a high from the get-go. We started the festivities with an outdoor sing song, some great dancing and general craziness. The Student Council beavered through the day to keep the event moving smoothly. The top sellers prizes were announced and then we launched into the children's raffle prizes. The boys and girls had fingers crossed, some said prayers and others just couldn't look at the tickets being picked out. Everyone was hopeful. The pressure was immense.

48 lucky boys and girls came away with a prize, then it was time for some more singing and dancing before proceeding to the main raffle.

The PA prepared an array of fabulous hampers, one more appealing than the other. There were vouchers and treats galore. The work that went in behind the scenes was phenomenal. A huge thank you to the PA for organising a hugely successful event, in these challenging times. A number of children recorded today as "the best day ever!". And to top it all off, every child in the school got a treat going home. The essence of the small school with a big heart, could be felt in Rathbeggan today. Thank you for your continued support. We ask you to support the businesses that supported our raffle whenever possible, and thank them for their generosity. There are lots more photos and videos on the way!

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