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Junior Gardeners

Junior infants are going to be exploring the theme of gardening over the next few weeks. The children were so excited about getting back to playing with their friends during Aistear today and even more so when they spotted the wheelbarrow and soil they would be playing with!

One group took a trip to our Garden Centre role play area and had a go at some flower arranging while another group got to try their hand at repotting some artificial plants with real compost. The jury is still out on whether we like the feel of compost! The construction group were busy building garden fences and treehouses. The small world station also involved a bit of construction and imagination with the children creating their own garden area. Our art group also got creative while making a picture of their dream garden.

We will be adding to our Aistear stations each week and hopefully we’ll learn enough to help us grow some plants of our own.

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